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Google Apps SAML 2.0 SSO Active Directory (AD) Password Sync

Active Directory is the most common IT repository for storing user credentials and security policies.  IT organizations, for good reason, embrace the idea of this type of effective central management capability for user entitlement information.

Countless organizations are rolling out Google Apps to their users in an effort to reduce costs, improve productivity, and harness the synergy associated with collaboration among users and groups in the organization.  In order to truly benefit from the promise of Google Apps, enabling support for Single Sign On capability is essential.

Google requires that organizations comply with the specifications of the SAML 2.0 protocol in order to enable SSO support.

More and more, organizations who are implementing Google Apps are requiring seamless integration, use and Password sync of credentials that currently reside in Active Directory for enabling SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) access to Google Apps.

Tags: Active Directory SSO, Active Directory Sync, Google Apps AD Sync, Google Apps Password Sync, Google Password Sync

Google Apps SAML 2.0 SSO Forms Based Authentication

With ever-growing popularity, users and organizations are looking to leverage the promise of Google Apps.  The hope of increasing security, increasing user productivity, and improving collaboration among users is extremely attractive to many organizations.

Enabling Single Sign On (SSO) function for Google Apps users is a core component of the overall strategy for organizations who intend to rollout Google Apps to its users.

Google requires adherence to the SAML 2.0 specifications in order to enable support for Google Apps SSO.

A variety of access methods are required in order to effectively address the needs of the wide variety of Google Apps Single Sign On use cases that exist in various environments.  One critical option that must be provided lies in the ability to optional support for Form based authentication.

Tags: Active Directory SSO, Forms Based Authentication SAML, Google Apps SSO, Google Apps SSO LDAP, LDAP SAML, LDAP SSO, SAML 2.0

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