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Case Study – Google Apps LDAP Password Sync – IMAP / POP3 SSO

In a representative SSO Easy client case study, one customer recently implemented the EasyConnect product to enable Google Apps single sign on for integrated IMAP / POP3 email client SSO access to Google Apps. This client […]


Case Study – Google Apps SSO – LDAP Password Sync – Mobile

In a recent SSO Easy client implementation, one Google Apps customer was able to implement Google Apps single sign on using the EasyConnect product from SSO Easy.  This client was able to use EasyConnect to achieve […]


Case Study – Google Apps Password Sync – LDAP Single Sign On (SSO)

An SSO Easy client, In a representative case study, recently implemented Google Apps Single Sign On, using the EasyConnect single sign on solution from SSO Easy. The client utilized one of several implementation options which are […]


Google Apps SSO — LDAP Password Sync Solution – IMAP / POP3 Email

Organizations who use Google Apps can now enable integrated Single Sign On access for IMAP and/or POP3 email clients, leveraging LDAP login credentials. SSO Easy supports LDAP Password Sync to Google Apps for these traditional email […]


Google Apps — LDAP Password Sync — Mobile Single Sign On (SSO)

Mobile users who are looking to achieve integrated Single Sign On to Google Apps can achieve this capability by implementing the EasyConnect SSO product solution from SSO Easy. Many organizations who are looking for this specific […]


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