Why spend countless weeks or months every time you need to implement a new SAML connection?

SSO Easy's EasyConnect SAML solutions eliminates the time, cost, complexity and risk of SAML implementations.

Proven. Dependable. Trusted.


Thousands of companies across every industry are using SSO Easy for Single Sign-in (SSO).

SSO Easy's solution is excellent. SSO Easy has been very easy to work with and very responsive to our needs.
Jeremy Prinsen
JELD-WEN Windows & Doors

SSO Easy has performed quite well for us. The support has been outstanding.

Elizabeth Harvey-Forsythe
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
...EasyConnect by SSO Easy proved to be the best fit for our situation - a simple and straight-forward implementation that can be configured by our software team with moderate effort without gross changes to our services. The transition to the new platform from our self- contained identity stores to a centralized managed one was relatively smooth for the end user. Working with SSO Easy engineers was a great benefit as well as the level of support went above and beyond our expectations for the asking price. With flexibility, ease of use and integration, and the phenomenal level of support, I have no hesitation in recommending EasyConnect or SSO Easy...
Chaz Clendenning
ClimateWorks Foundation
SSO was easy to implement, thanks to SSO Easy's very awesome technical support. The product has worked very well, and the technical support staff is very helpful.
Peter Torres
USA Triathlon
Our SSO Easy system is working great! Once we had it setup I haven't touched it since.
Matthew Sinopoli
Central Dauphin School District
SSO Easy is woking great for us. It has been great working with SSO Easy. The entire SSO Easy staff has been extremely helpful.
Dustan Biles
Walton County Public Schools
SSO Easy works great, is cost-effective, and their technical support is top-notch. It's incredibly easy to install and stays working. For organizations - education, public, private, big, small - the decision to use SSO Easy with Google Apps should be a no-brainer. We are proud to partner with SSO Easy.
Edwin Wargo
11th Hour
It really is So Easy. They take as long as necessary to get it right, and call back from time to time to see how things are going. It is so solid, we have never had to visit our SSO server for anything but regular updates. Just do SSO Easy and be done with it.
Wayne Oldack
After all the other methods I tried to use to implement single sign-on with Google, SSO Easy was very quickly implemented and worked without any problems for us.
Brother Kenneth Arnold
Christian Brothers University
SSO Easy works great - everything is running smoothly for us. The product works without difficulties or a second thought! I speak highly of SSO Easy when talking with colleagues.
Bill Bonner
Fulton-Montgomery Community College
Our overall experience in working with SSO Easy has been great. The product works real well.
Neil Baker
Edgecombe Community College
Implementation of SSO Easy was very straight forward and the support we received from SSO Easy was great.
Michael McDermot
Kimberly Area School District
The SSO Easy solution works great. It fit our needs great.
Donnie Banks
Box Elder School District
SSO Easy has performed very well. Not a single complaint. Our overall experience in working with SSO Easy has been very good.
Bernardo Lam
Ursuline School
The single sign-on has been working very well for us. It has definitely simplified our user's lives by only requiring them to remember their network credentials.
Ryan Fitterling
Wilson School District
SSO Easy has worked very well for us. We can't really fault it at all. Support is very good. We've been recommending SSO Easy to other UK schools
Darren Jones
Uckfield Technical Community College (UK)
The SSO Easy solution has worked well for us. The guided installation process made implementation easy, and the SSO Easy staff is responsive and helpful.
Keith Obermeier
Jackson Local School District
Our experience in working with SSO Easy has been excellent. The product is also excellent.
Corey Koltz
Wautoma Area School District
I would describe our overall experience with SSO Easy as quick and professional. I've always gotten a prompt reply to any question I had and the setup was not difficult thanks to the SSO Easy support team. The product has worked well, and it has met all of our needs.
Taylor Duke
Clarke County School District
Our SSO Easy implementation has worked great! Our overall experience in working with SSO Easy has been awesome.
Mike Schmelder
Lancaster Country Day School
SSO Easy has been a life saver and works really well. The online instructions were good and the tech support was fantastic during initial setup. SSO Easy has a simple to deploy single sign on solution that works!
Anthony Meluso
Passaic Valley Regional High
SSO Easy's solution has worked perfectly for us. Our experience in working with SSO Easy has been very positive. The SSO Easy support team was extremely helpful during the setup despite a few problems for our client's side.
IT Manager
Systems Integration Company (UK)
SSO Easy has worked perfectly, and as advertised. It's been great...from setup to support when our network changed a little and it wasn't connecting. I have already talked SSO Easy up at our big technology meetings and have told people how easy it has made SSO for us.
Curt Dennis
Jefferson Local School District
Everything has been excellent. No issues reported at all. Overall, our experience with SSO Easy has been very good. The support team is always super-helpful.
Basharat Din
Zum Zum (UK)
SSO Easy is performing extremely well for us. SSO Easy setup was straight forward and we have not had to touch it since installing the solution We have had no issues.
Jim Sahm
State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry
We have successfully deployed SSO Easy into production and both our client and we are happy with the solution. If we get additional clients and/or other products that need SAML integration, we'd definitely use SSO Easy for those projects.
IT Director
MarkeTouch Media
The install process was straightforward and the SSO Easy support team was very helpful in navigating through the SSO configuration options. I have had no issues with the SSO Easy solution.
Fred Wood
Milwaukee School of Engineering
SSO Easy has performed great for us. I especially liked the customer service - we were up and running within an hour!
Jason Svet
Complete Recycling
The SSO Easy solution has worked very well for us and we've found support to be very good, especially given we're in a different continent
David Humphreys
Brighton Grammar School (Australia)
Brilliant product, brilliantly supported by people who actually know their product. The overall experience of working with SSO Easy has been very positive, and the response time on support for the query I did raise was both answered correctly and almost instantaneous. I think the turn around from query submission to response by a live person was 3 minutes. Great software and great service. Absolutely no regrets in choosing SSO Easy for our business need.
Bryan Hutchby
Best Deal Insurance (UK)
Everything is working perfectly. The SSO Easy solution has done what was required. Our experience in working with SSO Easy has been very good -- from initial talks to implementation. Support has been food and prompt. SSO Easy has guided us well.
Jonathan Fernandez
Chace Community School (UK)
Overall, the SSO Easy solution is great and saved us many hours trying to develop a solution on our own.
Mark Duris
We have been very happy with SSO Easy. It has worked very well and we have had a good experience with it.
Chad Griffith
Trinity Prepatory School
Everything with the SSO Easy product has been working great for us, and has not required any attention since it was implemented. All in all, we are very happy with the solution and its ease of implementation.
IT Manager
A Large Supply Chain Company (US)
Since the beginning we've enjoyed working with everyone at SSO Easy. For us being our first exposure to an SSO solution we couldn't be more happy with it. The setup and configuration went very easily. It was so easy to get everything setup and running. Keep up the great work.
Chris Pack
Daemen College
SSO Easy has performed very well for us and the overall experience has been excellent. The support team was very knowledgeable about the product and the vendors we were working with. Their experience saved us a great deal of time.
Robert Caretta
Racine Unified School District
I had a great experience working with SSO Easy. I have been very pleased with the SSO solution. It has simplified our Google Apps implementation as well as increased our control of our Google Apps.
Mike Evans
Baptist Community Services
Your product really fit well with our budget constraints since we are a K-12 school district, and it really helped us get our rollover to Google Sites to happen. We have 1800+ users...there is no way we could have manually managed user accounts for them all, so getting it to sync with our AD was vital.
Jerry McKune
Clovis Unfied School District
We selected SSO Easy due to their 'can do attitude' and their commitment to deliver the project against a hard deadline. SSO Easy understood the project requirements and delivered a working and robust SSO solution.
Amy Tsang
Bubble Cubed (UK)
SSO Easy has worked wonderfully for Google Apps. The experience has been top notch!
Chad Morris
Alliance City Schools
Tyler Junior College has been running SSO Easy for almost 2 years without any issues. Our experience with SSO Easy has been amazing. Example: Last Christmas Eve the SSL Cert for our SSO connection expired. We emailed SSO Easy Support requesting assistance and the new cert was in place before Christmas day. Please keep moving forward with new offerings, so we can purchase additional solutions from SSO Easy.
Ryan Soward
Tyler Junior College
SSO Easy is working great and it was easy to setup and rollout it out to our customers. Outstanding support and a great product and the perfect price for this type of product. So I give an A+ to SSO Easy. Keep up the good work.
Marcel Syriani
SSO Easy works great and we haven't had any issues. I am new at SAML and the SAML process has a learning curve but the solution was easy to configure.
Eddie Conner
Trale Health & Wellness
I'm very happy with our SSO Easy deployment. The solution has worked great for us. I'm very happy that we are able to leverage our Active Directory structure to enable a seamless username and password login for our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Working with SSO Easy has been a great experience. It was easy to setup and worked right away. We've been using the product for almost a year now and haven't had any problems. The SSO Easy support team has made the implementation process very easy. They have helped me a few times and recently upgraded our SSO Easy product to the new version. They spent a lot of time ensuring the product was installed properly and helped us overcome some unexpected problems. I really like the new features that have enhanced the product. The administration feature that allows us to access user mailboxes for troubleshooting without the requirement of resetting passwords is great. The other option I'm very excited about is the Google Password manager synchronization. This has reduced the amount of support calls as users now use the same password for their mobile devices along with mail client configurations.
Dave Leavitt
Palo Alto University
The SSO Easy solution has performed as expected for us. Other than the initial setup and the version upgrade, we haven't had to touch the server or software. It pretty much just runs itself. Now that all devices can access all services, everyone in the org is pretty happy.
Ryan Hanifan
Everything with the SSO Easy solution is going great. We have one client that uses the solution on a daily basis and have never had any issues connecting. The solution has performed very well, no issues at all. Our overall experience in working with SSO Easy has been very good. We were under a very tight deadline to getting our SSO solution up and running and SSO Easy got us up and running to meet that deadline.
Chris Funk
Palladium Group
Overall, I'm impressed with SSO Easy. They respond promptly to issues and they are knowledgeable in what they do. Everything is working just fine. We're doing very well with the product.
David Rivera
Desert Sands Unified School District
We selected SSO Easy after struggling with a vendor that did not comply with industry standards for Single Sign-On. SSO Easy solved this problem for us, and it was just as the name says "Easy"!. Within 60 minutes from download, I was able to configure SSO Easy for our most complex SAML connection. The provided documentation is superb, and I was able to deploy and configure the solution myself without any assistance. We had spent months with the vendor with no chance of success, but once we used SSO Easy it worked in less than 1 hour. What is especially fantastic is that we were able to preview the entire solution before purchasing it. No surprises here. SSO Easy is now part of our global cloud computing strategy. We know that if a cloud service vendor has not figured out SSO, we can use SSO Easy to bridge the gap.
Kevin Conolly
ResMed (Australia/US)
The SSO Easy product has been flawless. Working with SSO Easy support has been a pleasure and they are very accommodating and responsive. Everything has been great.
Brad Cleveland

Our overall experience working with SSO Easy could not have been better.

The solution has worked great and there were no issues the support team wasn't able to help with. They are amazingly knowledgeable and always willing to help.

Todd Trilling
SSO Easy has been stellar in its performance. Our experience in working with SSO Easy has been great. The SSO Easy staff has been very responsive and navigated us through configuration and usage. The quality of service has been great and I'm sure we'll get equal service should we need support in the future.
Coleman Gardner
SSO Easy's product and service is great.
Fadi Mamar
Freeway Insurance
The product continues to work reliably. We have had a good experience working with SSO Easy. The solution works as advertised.
Hal Douglas
Marist Regional College (Australia)
We have been very happy with the SSO Easy product.
Kelvin Chan
Oakland (CA) School District
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