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Yubico – SSO Easy Cloud Strong 2 Factor Authorization – YubiKey

SSO Easy is pleased to announce availability of integrated product support for the Yubico Strong 2 Factor Authorization YubiKey product.  What this means for SSO Easy customers is that they can now benefit from tight integration […]


Cloud 2-Factor Authorization – SAML 2.0 – SSO Easy Product Support

SSO Easy now supports integrated 2-Factor Authorization, integrated with its SAML 2.0 product. This means that SSO Easy customers can benefit from leveraging 2 forms of Cloud based user login, with integrated function enabled with SSO […]


Strong Authorization – SAML 2.0 Single Sign On — SSO Easy

SSO Easy now supports strong authorization. This means that users of SSO Easy’s SAML 2.0 product can benefit from leveraging leading multi-factor authorization solutions, with full integration into the SSO Easy SAML 2.0 product.


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