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December 2010

Google Apps – Password Sync — LDAP or Active Directory — SSO Easy

Since SAML (what Google uses for SSO) needs a browser in order function properly, alternative clients such as mobile devices can’t leverage SAML SSO.  Therefore, traditional authentication mechanisms (e.g. user idpassword) are required.  This becomes a challenge when SSO is enabled within Google because password management by the user within the web UI is disabled. 

To allow access for alternative clients, a password needs to be created in Google Apps. 

SSO Easy has two options available through its EasyConnect Single Sign On solution for doing this:

1)  Allow the user to set a password in Google


The Google Password Updater will allow the user to create a “set and forget” password  in Google (an alternative option is to have the Google Password Updater generate a mixed-case alphanumeric random password of a configurable length and strength on behalf of the user).  This password is then pushed to Google via the Google API.  This method eases password resets for users – they can simply generate a new password at any time in a self-service model.

2)  Synchronize AD passwords with Google

When a user goes through the SSO process to access the web based Google Apps, their Active Directory / AD or LDAP password will automatically be sync with Google.


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Yubico – SSO Easy Cloud Strong 2 Factor Authorization – YubiKey

SSO Easy is pleased to announce availability of integrated product support for the Yubico Strong 2 Factor Authorization YubiKey product. 

What this means for SSO Easy customers is that they can now benefit from tight integration and integrated support with the Yubico multi factor authorization product solution.

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Cloud 2-Factor Authorization – SAML 2.0 – SSO Easy Product Support

SSO Easy now supports integrated 2-Factor Authorization, integrated with its SAML 2.0 product.

This means that SSO Easy customers can benefit from leveraging 2 forms of Cloud based user login, with integrated function enabled with SSO Easy’s turnkey SAML 2.0 product.

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Strong Authorization – SAML 2.0 Single Sign On — SSO Easy

SSO Easy now supports strong authorization.

This means that users of SSO Easy’s SAML 2.0 product can benefit from leveraging leading multi-factor authorization solutions, with full integration into the SSO Easy SAML 2.0 product.

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Magento SAML 1.1 SP – Service Provider – Single Sign On – SSO

Magento SAML 1.1 Service Provider, or SP function, is now supported by SSO Easy.  This capability is valuable for Magento customers who desire to enable single sign on within their organization, with their business partners, or both, using SAML 1.1, while acting as the Service Provider, or SP.

SSO Easy also provides additional support for PHP and Magento customers, including support for SAML 2.0, and support for Identity Provider, or IDP function.

Additional information may be found at the SSO Easy web site.


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