Why spend countless weeks or months every time you need to implement a new SAML connection?

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Google Apps - Password Sync -- LDAP or Active Directory -- SSO Easy

Since SAML (what Google uses for SSO) needs a browser in order function properly, alternative clients such as mobile devices can't leverage SAML SSO.  Therefore, traditional authentication mechanisms (e.g. user idpassword) are required.  This becomes a challenge when SSO is enabled within Google because password management by the user within the web UI is disabled. 

To allow access for alternative clients, a password needs to be created in Google Apps. 

SSO Easy has two options available through its EasyConnect Single Sign On solution for doing this:

1)  Allow the user to set a password in Google


The Google Password Updater will allow the user to create a "set and forget" password  in Google (an alternative option is to have the Google Password Updater generate a mixed-case alphanumeric random password of a configurable length and strength on behalf of the user).  This password is then pushed to Google via the Google API.  This method eases password resets for users – they can simply generate a new password at any time in a self-service model.

2)  Synchronize AD passwords with Google

When a user goes through the SSO process to access the web based Google Apps, their Active Directory / AD or LDAP password will automatically be sync with Google.


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