Why spend countless weeks or months every time you need to implement a new SAML connection?

SSO Easy's EasyConnect SAML solutions eliminates the time, cost, complexity and risk of SAML implementations.

December 2018

Service Provider (SP) Ready Program

Whether you are an ISV building an enterprise SaaS product, or you are building an external facing website/portal/community for your customers and partners, you may find that your clients are looking for increased flexibility and usability by requesting the ability to sign in with their corporate credentials.  

In the past, single sign-on (SSO) may have been done with custom or proprietary protocols\APIs. Today, the ubiquitous standard for SSO is SAML 2.0. However, SAML implementations can be complex and difficult to implement if you decide to build your own solution. Furthermore, even if you go with a commercial platform, you still need to integrate with your application\offering. This effort alone can require significant time and investment to get up running initially. Additional complexity arises when you need to implement the solution again (and again) as you onboard new clients.

With SSO Easy’s EasyConnect, everything is simplified so you can be up and running quickly and easily. With features such as:

  • World class support
    • Get help when you need it vs toolkits and SDKs where you are essentially on your own
    • 24×7 options available

  • Full SAML Capability
    • SSO and SLO
    • IdP and SP Initiated SSO and SLO Profiles
    • Post, Redirect, Artifact and Attribute Query bindings
    • Encryption\Decryption

  • Connect to all of your clients’ SSO systems from one solution
    • Auth0
    • ADFS
    • Okta
    • OneLogin
    • Ping Identity
    • Shibboleth
    • Centrify
    • Microsoft Azure
    • SimpleSAMLphp
    • DUO Security
    • ForgeRock
    • Oracle
    • Salesforce Identity Provider (IdP)
    • Google Apps Identity Provider (IdP)
    • SecureAuth
    • IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (tFIM)
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity Provider (IdP)
    • CA SiteMinder Identity Provider (IdP)
    • Custom/Home Grown….

  • Scalability
    • Connect to a single Identity Provider (IdP) or multiple IdPs
    • Start small with a handful of users and and ramp up as needed
    • Suited for multitenant architectures

  • Leverage your existing application security
    • No need to rebuild your application security architecture – Use what you already have

  • Utilize existing configuration portal
    • API access to SSO server so you can use your application portal admin\configuration settings to administer SSO.

  • We provide APIs and templates for connecting to your application
    • ASP.NET (v1.1, v2.0, v3.x, v4.x, Core)
    • ColdFusion
    • PHP
    • Java/J2EE
    • Classic ASP
    • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
    • QlikView
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Active Directory
    • LDAP
    • CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress)
    • Custom…

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding the program.
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