Why spend countless weeks or months every time you need to implement a new SAML connection?

SSO Easy's EasyConnect SAML solutions eliminates the time, cost, complexity and risk of SAML implementations.

Can You Afford Free Open Source SAML 2.0 & 1.1 Tools?

When looking to implement a SAML solution, the following things need to be considered as part of the decision making process:

  • Type of use case enabled
  • Complexity of the implementation
  • Number of SAML connections
  • Time required to implement a connection
  • SAML expertise required
  • Programming resources required
  • SourceTarget application modifications
  • Maintenance effort
  • Maintenance responsibility

With many different options available in the marketplace, invariably it comes to building a solution (using open source libraries or toolkits) versus buying a turnkey product from a vendor.  If consider the above list, when you are evaluating "Build vs. Buy" ROI analysis, here is what you will most likely come up with:

  Turnkey Product SAML Toolkit/Build Approach
Type of use case enabled Advanced Simple
Complexity of the implementation Low High
Number of SAML connections Multiple One
Time required to implement a connection Low High
SAML expertise required Low/None High
Programming resources required 10% High
SourceTarget application modifications Minimal/Low Touch Significant
Maintenance effort Low/None High
Maintenance responsibility Vendor You

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