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Case Study - Google Apps Password Sync - Active Directory - SSO Easy

In a representative case study, a client of recently implemented Google Apps Single Sign On, using the EasyConnect product from SSO Easy.

In this particular implementation, the client opted to enable Active Directory Sync as one of several deployment options that are available with EasyConnect.  By taking this approach, the Google Apps customer was able to leverage existing AD login credentials for gaining seamless single sign on to Google Apps.  The client was able to enable browser-based Google Apps SSO, and also enabled integrated Google Apps SSO access for Mobile users, and from IMAP / POP3 email clients.  This was all done while leveraging the one Active Directory password though a sync approach.

Google Apps users benefited with an enhanced user experience.  User productivity increased as a result.  Security was improved through centralized use of AD passwords.  Technical support was simplified, and cost were reduced.

Free Trials of this solution are available at www.ssoeasy.com  Free Trials are typically completed in less than 1 hour.

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