Why spend countless weeks or months every time you need to implement a new SAML connection?

SSO Easy's EasyConnect SAML solutions eliminates the time, cost, complexity and risk of SAML implementations.

ADP Single Sign On - SSO Easy Solution Identity Provider IDP SAML 2.0

ADP customers have a critical requirement to leverage the web to allow their users to access highly sensitive information which exists within the services and systems that are managed on their behalf by ADP.  Given the highly sensitive nature of this information, security of a top priority.  Also, given the large number of users that access ADP information, and the great frequency which they desire access to this information, a desirable user experience is essential for users who access ADP managed information.

As a result, web-based ADP Single Sign On is a vital need for all ADP customers.  In order to achieve ADP Single Sign On access, ADP customers must implement a SAML 2.0 based single sign on solution in their environment.  The challenge that this requirement brings is that SAML 2.0 implementations are highly specialized, and can be extremely complex.  For reference, the SAML 2.0 technical specification document is over 1,200 pages in length, and it includes many highly complex details and dependencies.  For the described ADP Single Sign On use case, the ADP customer would act as the Identity Provider, or IDP, while ADP would act as the Service Provider, or SP.

Until now, ADP customers were forced to master SAML, and do a great deal of complex custom coding and programming in order to implement SAML 2.0 single sign on connections with ADP, and with other SAML-compliant service providers.  This process often took much longer than planned, often taking months to complete, if they were completed at all.  These SAML projects saw major cost overruns.  In many cases, SAML license fees alone were exorbitant.  

That has all changed for the better, since SSO Easy has introduced its ADP Single Sign On solution using SAML 2.0.

Using the SSO Easy solution, ADP customers are now able to complete production implementations of their ADP Single Sign On projects in just a few hours.

Free Trials of the SSO Easy ADP Single Sign On solution are available by visiting the SSO Easy website, at www.ssoeasy.com,  Free Trials are typically completed in just 1 hour.

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